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Film Faced Plywood is a very good product with its smooth surface and durable hard structure. Concrete forms, scaffolding and platforms, interior partition,

It is one of the first materials and materials used in the production of roofing, floor and parquet solutions. Thanks to its different surface options, Film Faced Plywood spreads over a wide area of ​​usage. (Hera, Wiremesh).


Plywood is a panel made of wood layers. It is a light material despite having very good mechanical strength.

It is the material produced by sticking the peeled plates by placing 3, 5, 7 or more odd numbers on top of each other, with the fiber directions perpendicular to each other, and pressing them under pressure.

Including furniture, car crates, wagons, containers, marine transport, aircraft manufacturing, packaging, toys and carrier elements, construction industry included.


Wood Beam for concrete formwork beams (H20). Protective cap system, high quality finishing and proven durability. Industry in formwork is known for its exceptional quality.


Our building materials stocks consist of molds and products that are widely used in other sectors.

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